Your Medical Insurance in California

Your health is your responsibility, and it should be your top priority to ensure that it’s at peak performance all the time. While you should never avoid seeking medical attention especially if you really need it, many people choose to soldier through poor health just to save themselves from the expenses of medical services. If you buy medical insurance in California from, you’ll never have to neglect your medical needs again. There are a few things you should ask your insurance agent before you buy a policy, and this short list should give you a better idea of what you should be on the lookout for.

What to Ask Your Insurance Agent

  1. Can I Avail Medical Services from My Personal Doctor? – Many people feel more comfortable availing of medical services from a doctor or medical facility that they’ve been seeing for years. When it comes to using the benefits of your medical insurance in California, however, you might not be granted the same financial assistance if your personal doctor or hospital of choice are not affiliated with your insurance provider. The thing about insurance companies is that they have a list of doctors and medical services providers that they join with to come up with contractual rates, meaning the medical services you get from these chosen health care providers will be cheaper under your insurance policy. If your doctor isn’t affiliated with your insurance carrier, you might have to pay the full price for services – from your own pocket. Ask your insurance provider if your doctor is their affiliate, or ask your doctor which insurance provider they’re associated with.
  2. What Will Be Covered? – This really depends on the types of coverage you buy and the extent of your policy. Every insurance policy however should grant policyholders 10 different essential coverages for their benefit. Any extra coverage will be up to you – buy what you think you need. Keep in mind however that the more insurance coverage you buy, the more expensive your premium might become.
  3. How Will I be Able to Make a Claim? – The process of making a claim may change from provider to provider. When you buy medical insurance in California, make sure you ask your insurance company their specific process when it comes to making a claim. Write down the process and set it aside for later to save yourself from trouble later on.